DJ, Producer, Mixing Engineer and Radio Host; Rooted in Afrobeat, Afrofunk, Funk, Soul, Jazz.



Eko fo' Show is where everything goes down. It's a collaboration between Nenim Iwebuke and Alejandro Van Zandt-Escobar, two DJs who call Brooklyn home and collectively represent Nigeria, England, Colombia and France in their heritage and upbringing. Their passion for record collecting and organic, live, and global dance music brought them together and led them to launch Eko for Show. With modern spirits and open minds, their sound is deeply rooted in the afrofunk, afrobeat, and highlife sounds of 60s and 70s Western Africa. The collective’s musical branches spread throughout the continent and the diaspora, and always reference the North American jazz, funk and soul which both drew from and in turn influenced African music.

They'll have their DJ debut live on a vintage Klipschorn soundsystem in October 2016, at Starvue, one of Brooklyn's premiere dance floors.


Eko fo' Show debuted their first all vinyl dj set on Afropop Worldwide on october 5th. They are working on other projects continuously, and this is a peep into their world of  Afro Sounds.

Afro groove classics from Africa & the African diaspora

The Eko fo’ Show Afropop Exclusive mix is a seamless journey through some classic music from ’60s and ’70s West Africa, leaning heavily on Afro-funk from Ghana and Nigeria. From heavy cuts by internationally established artists including King Sunny Ade and Orlando Julius, Ghanaian innovators Ebo Taylor, and Oscar Sulley and the Uhuru Dance Band, to deeper cuts from Nigerian artists Mixed Grill, Tony Grey and Dele Abiodun, this mix jumps with hot percussion, twisty synths and comfortable, loose horn sections.

We celebrated Nigerian independence in style last Saturday out at Terrace F. Club. Heavy african grooves on wax with percussionist and all-around badman Morgan Greenstreet holding it down on the congas with us until the wee hours. Shout out to all of the dancers and their boundless energy! #EkoFoShow [NENiM + Minutes of Funk]

Eko fo' Show (Nenim & Alejandro Van  Zandt-Escobar ) will be launching off their Dj duo officially at  Starvue  with guest DJ,  Dj Mickey Perez

Eko fo' Show (Nenim & Alejandro Van Zandt-Escobar) will be launching off their Dj duo officially at Starvue with guest DJ, Dj Mickey Perez